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Chit chat

So the smallest cub is at long last a-talking. There was a time when I wondered whether she was destined to communicate in squeals, grunts and screams for the rest of her life but now, after what seems a very long time, we are actually getting proper words and even a few mini-sentences! It’s definitely good to get away from the world of signing – particularly the milk sign. If there is anything that is going to confirm that you are nothing more than a milking cow machine it’s got to be the baby sign for milk. And of course it would be the one sign that little cub perfected straight away and was used over and above any other sign. Normally in an inopportune moment like talking to the plumber, or whilst trying to pay for the shopping in Sainsburys. Anyways, it’s all behind us now because small cub can say ‘milk’ whenever the fancy takes her, and I can firmly say ‘no, not now darling’ with the knowledge that she fully understands. Of course, then we have the screaming ab dabs, but that’s another matter entirely.

I’m finding the type of words she is merrily chanting away rather telling about my parenting style. So, there are a whole load of no’s, quite a few stop’s, and more than a couple of naughty’s (as well as many bum’s, which was a word proudly taught to her by her bro). It seems that whilst larger cub may not have been listening when I have been screaming blue murder  telling him off, small cub has obviously been very attentive. After listening to her shout ‘no, no, no, naughty, naughty, naughty’ at the cat this morning I decided it was time to try a more positive approach to discipline. So for the next week I will be trying my damndest to turn a blind eye to acts that in the big scheme of things don’t really matter (like big cub teaching small cub to say poo face), and to big up any good behaviour that I manage to spot (like the unprompted kiss and hug that I got this morning from big cub). I’ve started to realise how down I am on my kids sometimes, and that the tone I am most likely to use with them is one with a big shouty symbol at the end, or a moany minnie one. I don’t want to be this big old grump that I am turning into, and so it is time to turn on the smiles and to chill just a bit. Well, it will be worthwhile if small cub just stops screeching ‘naughty’ at inanimate objects. Maybe we might even get a ‘love you’. Now that really would be worth it.


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