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not the trees too!

So yesterday at big cub’s mate’s house we were examining their Guardian tree poster. This is not a regular wholesome pastime that usually takes place when round a friend’s for a play but makes a change from watching Octanauts, spaceship building or the endless GoGo reenactments. We had a chit-chat about trees in general. Big Cub’s take on trees was ‘i like climbing trees and making dens in trees’, his friend was keen on camping in forests and looking for monsters in woods, and I felt it was the time to share my tragic tale of the hurricane of ’87 when my beloved treehouse was felled to the ground never to rise again. Basically we all decided that trees equal pretty cool things and that we Like them with a capital L. Then today I got this in my inbox from a pal:

“I’ve just signed up to support the save our forests petition. The government is planning to sell off all our forests. I’ve just signed up and wanted to let you know about it. The more of us take part, the stronger the message will be.

Please sign the petition now:



Now, folk that know me will probably agree that I am a pretty happy-go-lucky, smiley bod who it takes a lot to make cross. But the news that wonders like the New Forest, Forest of Dean and Sherwood Forest fills me with a red, nope, make that a blood-red rage. So our post offices close, our libraries shut down, redundancies happen left, right and centre and now some of our beautiful woodland coudl be sold off! F*ckers!

I am still a complete dunce with this blogging malarkey but if anyone does read this and feels similarly enraged then please do take a trip over to http://www.38degrees.org.uk/save-our-forests and sign their petition.

On a happier note, whilst my kiddies might not have long to make their dens in forests or chase monsters in woods, they have got a garden to wreak havoc frolic in. This time last year we were living in a teeny maisonette with an even teenier postage-stamp yard. Now we have a proper garden (with grass included!) and a recently acquired birdtable and birdfeeder. These have been a great success and we now have a regular robin visitor, loads of bluetits, some sorry looking blackbirds and two gawky teenage pigeons. This is incredibly exciting as we live in deepest, darkest Brighton and until recently I truly believed that this seagull population had murdered all other fine-feathered friends. So it gives me great pleasure to announce that next Saturday we will be taking part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch! This was an annual event in my childhood and normally started off very well with all 3 of us kiddies keen and obliging with the binoculars, but after the first five minutes interest dwindled and it was left to my bird-loving mum to take over the rest of the watch. I am certain it will be a similar story at number 32, but the fact that we can actually take part in our very own garden (ably assisted by our very own birdtable!) is lifting my spirits greatly. Link here in case it grabs your fancy http://www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch/

Oops, late for the school-run! Adios.


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