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First post and the cubs are ill

So, I had such good intentions of starting with a witty, fascinating first post in the first week of the year, but instead number 32 got hit by the lurgy and vomited all over my good intentions. Sigh. I now have Untamed Cub 1 languishing on the sofa (when he should be getting to grips with his second week of the full school day experience), and Untamed Cub 2 conked out in her cot (when she should be getting messy with paint and playdoh at that palace of fun which is nursery). Completely put paid to my plans for world domination this week. I will have to wait to conquer the (freelance) world next week.

Not sure how much time I have spent nursing the sick over the last four and a half years but I definitely should be a more sympathatic nurse by now. I really must perfect my bedside manner to include more than a cursory cuddle (whilst trying not to breathe infected child’s pesky germs), and the suggestion of a day on the sofa with CBeebies. Although looking at Untamed Cub 1 he is pretty much in his idea of heaven. Octanauts ahoy!

Anyways, feel vaguely triumphant that 1) I have escaped the vomiting (hmmm, famous last words) and 2) I have managed to start a blog. Huzzah! Have absolutely no idea what I am doing – widgets, cloud tags, rss?! This means absolutely nothing to a technophobe luddite like myself, but in my normal late fashion am dragging myself into the new shiny year right here, right now. And I am sure it’s going to be a ball.


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