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Happy (healthy) days are here again!

And oh hurrah! I can (tentatively) say that we are now the house of health. I am realistic enough to realise that this will only be a temporary phase, but I am embracing it with very open arms. I am so over sickness in all its many soul destroying, sleep depriving grisly forms. Untamed Cub 1 is happily ensconsed at school despite me banning school dinners today. I am not risking his apparent rude health¬†with the delight that is school lasagne. Any interruption to my weekly child-free working morning would not be welcome. Especially when it is a phone call asking me to pick up my child who has just thrown up all his lunch over some unsuspecting lunch partner. Untamed Cub 2 toddled happily into nursery and promptly upset two small tots with her gleeful scream to announce her arrival. Rabbit (baby room mascot – stuffed toy, not real) was also unsupervised which led to her wrestling out of her key worker’s arms to get to him before any other tot had spotted this exciting kidnapping opportunity.

I am not sure I have made the most of my freedom whilst the cubs were elsewhere. I did manage to track down the Power Gogos stickerbook that has been reqested by Cub 1 for his best friend’s birthday present. Unfortuately I failed on my mission to locate any ‘fizzy’ Gogos. My enquiries at five newsagents and two post offices were met with blank looks and unhelpful comments. However, lovely Andy from the corner shop deduced that I was probably looking for furry Gogos – old skool stylee apparently. He didn’t have any but he knows a man who does, so we’re almost sorted on the present front. Phew.

I also remembered to replenish our stash of washable (damn important that washable quality!) felt tip pens. Some households have a sock black hole, or a teaspoon black hole, we have a felt tip black hole. Where oh where do they all go? So many lids, and yet so few pens themselves. Especially the good colours. Never a blue, green or red felt tip when it’s needed. But a plethora of grey, beige (beige, why?!) and pastel pink. Particularly frustrating considering most of our paper is that weird coloured sugar paper which only the strongest of colours can hope to make a mark on. But now we are all sorted in the art department and keen Cub 2 can satisfy her creative instinct without tears. Well, until she starts drawing on the irremovable sofa covers.

Aside from shopping I have managed to rekindle my love for cheesy, winsome country and western courtesy of John Denver (“You fill up my senses..”)¬†and the wondrous Dolly. Unfortunately, faffing about on Spotify has failed to write the marketing strategy proposal I was supposed to finish. Hmmm, well that’s my evening sorted then.


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