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improving with age

So it’s my birthday tomorrow and I will be (deep breath) 34. I have decided it’s probably best not to dwell on how old (or young, as my mum pointed out) this is and instead to concentrate on the fact that it’s brill to have a birthday and an excuse for presents, balloons, celebrations and a mountain of cake. Hurrah!
In an attempt to ignore the sinking feeling that I am getting older and older and older I thought it would be good to list the positive things that the last year has taught me:
1) that it’s not too late to learn a musical instrument – my ukulele joy is unfounded!
2) that my cooking repertoire can be extended from my signature 3 dishes (risotto, roasted veg and couscous, toad in the hole) to many more as this was the year that I braved ‘the roast’! And the results have been rather delicious.
3) that the larger cub’s seemingly never-ending obsession with Lightening McQueen and Buzz Lightyear did in fact end. Hello Gogos and the mighty Octanauts!
4) that littlest Cub is not mute and destined only to communicate in screams and grunts, but is actually a little chatterbox.
5) that it’s not as grim and terrifying as I feared to not to be in regular, paid employment (although it is less lucrative).
6) that I have wonderful, wonderful friends – new and old – who are extremely patient with my rubbishness at keeping in touch. I do vow that this will be the year I see them more.
7) that my skin, whilst probably getting wrinkly, is now at long-last spot free! Touch wood.
8) that I am much more green-fingered than I thought.
9) that my dancing days are not over yet.
10) that even though I am not growing old gracefully, or artfully, but in my normal chaotic, rushed stylee I really am becoming more comfortable in myself, and with my life, as time goes by. And this year I must try to remember to enjoy it.


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