Back again!

I won’t even dwell on the aeons it has been since I last blogged, cos now I’m back! Going to try and blog a wee something every day to get back in the swing of things. Nothing like a new school year to bring out some new schemes and plans, eh? I’ve had a day of feeling slightly rubbish after catching a sick bug from littlest (germy) cub, and so need a bit of oomph and inspiration to perk me up a bit. I’m now off to look at a few blogs as not had as much as a sneak peek at any recently. Will report back on my findings tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Back again!

  1. Glad you’re back!!! You’re always welcome to come on over and trawl through my scribblings!! Look forward to hearing more about you and your lovely cubs xxx

    • YES! You are totes my inspiration Ms Margot. Feel very rubbish this evening – not helped my smallest refusing to click back into bedtime routine mode after a weekend of camping – so will look tomorrow and then send you a long, waffly message. It’s been far too long! Hope all well with you and your lovelies X

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