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So, three years have hopped, skipped and cartwheeled their way by and I feel that I should do some kind of update before diving on in with more everyday blog posts. I guess the main event has been the arrival of sweet wee Bert, the third (and the last!) of the cubs. He was born in at home on the sitting room rug a couple of Octobers ago after a very easy and straightforward pregnancy. The very easy and straightforward pregnancy lulled me into a false sense of security about what having a third child would be like. From the beginnings of my contractions to this very moment, my smallest bean has kept me on my toes. It was not the labour I had expected (far too stoppy and starty – and looooonnnnng ), breastfeeding had its own surprises (undiagnosed tongue tie for three weeks), and Bert has not been the ‘I’ll just slot in with the rest of the family’ bub that I had imagined. Why on earth would I imagine that?!! He was the easiest baby once we had sorted out the tongue tie – a complete dream settling for naps and sleep and never waking up in the night much, and always smiley and happy with everyone he met. Sadly last February just as he turned 3 months everything changed when he was hospitalised with a suspected kidney infection. From then on we had 6 months of a very different routine and life whilst we (and the doctors) got to grips with what exactly was wrong with Bert. I feel as though there are many, many posts to write about Bert’s stays in hospital and many trips to A&E but I don’t think this post is the right one. Basically what is important to say now is that he is healthy and happy now and that I am one very lucky mama. He is now a bonny, cheeky 14 month old who has transformed our lives in a way that I had not imagined, but definitely for the good.



2014 was quite a rollercoaster year and in retrospect I am pretty glad to see the back of it. It has been a year of change but also one of limbo as there were so many plans that were made but couldn’t be fulfilled. I have a really good feeling about 2015 as I think it’s the year that we will start doing again and I’m hoping it will be a year of health, happiness and action!


My big cubs are now 8 and 5 and very much schoolkids with lives, friends and worlds that are less part of me and Chips and more of their own. Which is exactly how it should be. It is amazing seeing how much has changed in them and yet wonderful to see that they are still the very essence of themselves from the year dot. Being their mum brings its own challenges and exasperations but basically I am super proud of them and all their wonderfulness.

Say eggs!

Say eggs!


I am halfway through my retraining to be a solicitor, but with Bert being so poorly last year I had a major pause and rethink about work and being a mum in my family. The upshot was that I wanted to make sure that my kids have someone who is around and can be there to pick them up when they’re sick, to be around some of the week when they come home from school and to create the kind of family life that is (reasonably) restful, peaceful and calm rather than hectic and stretched. I have decided not to do the next bit of my course until Bert is at least 3 as I don’t think that until that point I will be ready to embrace full time work/study with looking after 3 young kiddos. I am now doing a bit of work for Chris and hope to do some kind of community law volunteering. Life is still noisy and hectic and chaotic, but definitely not as much as if I was studying full time right now!


Right, that’s some stuff covered. There’s lots more to talk about from starting school, to holidays, to first few weeks of a new life, and to growing up. So as there’s so much to talk about hopefully I will be a bit better at updating this blog! Catch up again very soon!



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