Green is the magic colour

Whilst Littlest Cub was off frolicking with her mate Owe, I was struggling with my Contract Law revision and not managing to answer my mock exam on misrepresentation. It didn’t help that it was gloriously sunny outside, nor that I still have the cold from hell which has now snatched away all hearing in my right ear and made my left ear go all tinny. Grrrrrrr. The highlight of the morning was an early lunch of good bread, yummy goats cheese and the nicest purple sprouting broccoli I have EVER tasted grown by my own fair hand (sort of, um actually not really from our allotment.

This is the time of year that the allotment really starts to feel exciting and it’s looking quite positive up at our plot. Mostly because I think that this is the first year that we will be able to spend more than a couple of hours up there before one of the cubs has some kind of breakdown (normally of the tired/hungry variety). We generally bribe them to stay up there for longer periods of time with food;



For short lengths of time they’re normally super content to pootle about picking things, digging things, chopping at things or getting lost in their own imaginary worlds:Image


Our latest exciting news at the allotment is the arrival of a new (well freecycled) shed. Our old shelter blew down a while back and it’s been a bit bleak and bare without it, but very soon we will have somewhere to huddle in the rains and winds, somewhere to store the kids toys and our table and chairs and most importantly somewhere to keep the gas stove, kettle and mugs for tea. A beautiful Spring day, green sprouting up everywhere (yep that would be the weeds), blue skies, blue sea, happy kids and a cup of tea and chocolate biscuit. Happy times.*

* I am not the main gardener up at the allotment. Chatting and drinking beverages with a hint of weeding is what I excel in. Thank the lord for Chips and the other capable folk we share our allotment with!


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