Springtimes, showers and sunshine

I do love the first few weeks of Spring. Everything and everyone seems to be especially joyous after months of cold, dark days. It means that the endless hours spent standing in parks and playgrounds whilst my kids run riot seem a lot more bearable as I can actually feel my toes! I also seem to know a whole load of March folk who celebrate their birthdays about now – so there are lots of parties and cake which is obviously going to brighten up life. However the downside is that it is also the anniversary of my brother’s death. He was killed on a typical spring day – showery one minute and the next filled with glorious sunshine. Rainbows and gales a-plenty. At his funeral he was buried with the sun shining down and all of us squinting from the brightness of the light. It didn’t feel right that we were burying him on such a beautiful day, but maybe it was just a reflection of the way in which he had lived his life. A normal happy-go-lucky kid, playing in the moment. It wasn’t right to be burying him at all. He should still be here now, perhaps with his own family, definitely with his own life. But as he isn’t it is the amazing memories that I have of him, the Spring and the sunshine (with a shower thrown in) that will remind me of my wonderful little brother.

He loved this film, so this is for him; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUVnfaA-kpI


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