The big smoke and the big raincloud

Sooooo, this weekend has been a tale of two halves. Yesterday was all go-go-go with a trip to London town to see old pals (and their new offspring) and to gallavant up and down the stairs of the Museum of Childhood. I have gotten very lazy of late about schlepping up to the capital. It seems such a haul with the cubs and their energy and I can’t help but pine for train journeys of distant pasts where I had a book and my daydreams and could spend an entire journey staring out of the window. Now it involves my own body weight in organix snacks, at least one Cbeebies comic and an entire library of pre-school classics. Yesterday the journey passed without incident (aside from a hairy moment on the tube when we realised we were trapped in a carriage with a deranged ranting nutter) and we had a jolly old time. The museum layout didn’t really do it for me or the kids, and the cafe was super duper pricey, but we did have fun spotting Star Wars classics, listening to a very lovely lady act out this fab story with some kids, getting down with some Harry Potter spells and then having a run around in the park next door.

 As is always the way with Big Cub it was the outdoorsy bit that cheered him and he had a fab time racing my half-marathon-running-friend round the park. All in all a very successful trip and made me realise that I need to visit my buddies in the big smoke much more regularly!

Unfortunately today has been a day cursed by torrential rain, chest infections (me) and hangovers (Chips). It was also tarnished by the fucking irritating students next door playing music and whooping loudly in the early hours, which stopped me going to sleep after I resettled Little Cub at half two in the morning. A plague on all of their (very smelly) house. The plus side to being trapped inside all day was that I did a helluva lot of cleaning and washing so at least the domestic drudgery box can be ticked off.

Early night for me then. Fingers crossed for unbroken, peaceful sleep. Sigh.


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