Lego love

All hail the lego!

I have always been pretty impressed with the mighty brightly coloured plastic bricks (although to be honest was never really that into them when small – I was more Playmobil-orientated), but this Easter holiday they are transforming my life! Big cub has always been pretty good at entertaining himself, but normally his games involve making ‘inventions’ (for which read mess). His favourite inventions are his world famous food machine (involving many kitchen utensils, food packets, cookery books and many small play-food items) and his diamond maker (involving any shiny objects he can get his hands on). Much to my disappointment the diamond maker is yet to produce any genuine gems, but I live in hope. Whilst these games have been great for getting him out under my feet  – and his imagniation, natch! – they have been slightly irritating to clear up and nearly always result in a vital household object (like a corkscrew) going missing.

For the last couple of months though big cub has been all about the lego. Many, many food machines have been constructed, the diamond makers are getting more and more intricate and whole mornings and afternoons can go by and my only contact with big cub is to provide a range of tasty snacks for the budding engineer (or engineers if he has mates round). And the amazing thing is that the lego can all be contained within his bedroom! No tidying up required, just a general sweep into the lego box (and a quick check of the little cub’s mouth to ensure she hasn’t hidden any in her hamster-like cheeks) and that’s it.

(image: LEGO)

So if we ever ask big cub where he wants to go the answer is ‘the lego store’. A place of magic and wonder! Yesterday we had a rare ma and big cub afternoon alone to hang out, and we spent a very happy time pottering around the lego shop, marvelling at all the different creations, buying a teeny lego key ring for his book bag and then eating creme eggs on the beach. Really and truly a perfect way to spend it with my son. Happy sigh.



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3 responses to “Lego love

  1. Lego is great isn’t it? Luckily both my older two love it, which gives me reason to ‘help’ with building when necessary! I loved lego – think I might need to see what has happened to it at my mum & dads house.

  2. wonderful.
    I used to love lego as a child, I remember getting completely absorbed in Lego for hours – I look forward to Lego being the thing at our house – enjoy the invention! (next stop lego land?)

  3. Lego has been a strong theme (ok fixation) in this house for a couple of years now. It’s fantastic stuff and fascinates any age.

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