People Power!

I am getting more rubbish (if that’s possible!) at updating this blog, but luckily inspiration has struck in the form of the BMB Comment Group. I am now a keen follower of some rather wonderful blogs. Big up to Helloitsgemma; Domestic Goddesque; MrsShorties Mind; Jojo’s So Called Life; Little Red Buttons and In a Bundance ! I am in serious awe of these ladies as their blogs are so goddam good. All very different, but all extremely interesting, and have really made me realise the power of the blog! I am not sure when they have time to blog so regularly and so entertainingly, but I now have new shiny aspirations to try and do the same. Thanks guys.

The last week or so has all been pretty inspiring really. Me and the big cub trained it up to London with some pals to take part in the March for the Alternative demo.  Both me and him were open mouthed to see how many folk had also felt moved enough to take part too.  It was big cub’s first experience of peaceful protesting (he normally favours a more extreme approach with his own personal protests!) and I was so glad that I took him. The services that are due to be cut will directly impact on his life – in some ways much more than mine – and he was quite rightly cross that things he has gone to all his life (Sure Start centre, the library etc) may not be kept open for his sister to visit too. We both got into a-whooping and whistle blowing and it was great to see such a wonderful mix of people coming together to make their point.

Mother’s Day was also full of wonder. A lie in – what a treat! The cubs and their dad did well presenting me with some lovely cards, a cup of tea and a delish fairy cake (made by me – ahem). I also got lots of kisses. Sob. We then went out for an amazing afternoon of treasure-hunting, spoof keep fitting, banjo playing, trampolining, hula-hooping and (more) cake eating. All put on by some very talented friends of friends in their rambling manor house out on the edge of Brighton.  I am pretty impressed at the moment about what people can do when they come together. It not only fills me with hope, but it makes me want to be part of it too.



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5 responses to “People Power!

  1. Abby

    Thanks for the kind words!

    I’m glad you had such a lovely Mother’s Day. It sounds like a brilliant day, although any time you combine a manor house, cake and hula-hooping, I would imagine a good time is basically guaranteed 🙂 x

  2. Spoof keep fitting, banjo playing and cake eating sound fantastic. What an interesting way to spend an afternoon! I’d love to hear more.

  3. Your mother’s day sounds fab. I wish I had friends like that.
    I also Marched for Althernative – I wonder if we passed each other – wasn’t it brilliant, I was so proud to be part of it – although am so hacked off at the Government.
    thanks for the name check – really looking forward to getting to know your blog better and you better- so keep it up!

  4. thank you for the comment on my blog yesterday. In reply, I blogged about because of the prompt, but I think it’s good to get shoved forward sometimes to explore stuff. I knew the Gallery would probably have a lot of very positive posts – the stuff I often feel on the outside of and that was another push – to say hey, not everyone has it good X

  5. Thanks for all the lovely responses. Was a grand mother’s day all round. Ellen – the spoof keep fitting was hilarious! Two friends had dressed up in luminous leotards, legwarmers and face paint to get all the kids (and us parents) jumping up and down manically. Was very funny to see all the littl’uns taking it so seriously!

    Gemma – your post was a really thought-provoking one for me. And in a very positive way. Really am loving your blog. Where do you find the time to write so eloquently though?! Setting myself a challenge to write two posts a week. Hopefully will have time to do another one tonight!

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