Yawn. Sigh. Yawn.

Yep, sleepless nights are here again. Littlest cub has broken her record of over a month without a snotty nose and accompanying cough by getting a full on cold yesterday, and with that we are back to midnight wakings (and 1am wakings, 2am wakings, 3am wakings etc until the cold light of dawn). Big cub was pretty predictable with sleep. The first six months or so were a bit rubbish, but then we got quite a few solid nights of full-on sleep and following that we were pretty much guaranteed unbroken nights from the time he was a year old. Littlest cub is soooooo different. We have had a few weeks where she has slept fantastically well (hurrah!) but most of the time nights can be rather testing to say the least. I’m pretty sure that one of the problems is that she shares a room with big cub, and as he is quite knackered from starting school we are very quick to whisk away noisy teeny cub so big cub can get enough sleep. It doesn’t help that big cub does wake when smaller cub starts shrieking (depsite countless people telling me that he wouldn’t wake up when she did) and starts yelling ‘get her out of here, get out of here!’ as loud as he can.

We do a lot of musical beds. To be honest we do a lot of stuff that I swore I wouldn’t do with my second kid. Lots of feeding in the night, moving into different beds, out of different beds, patting, shushing, pacing, shouting and on one memorable occasion I even found myself sharing the cot with little cub. Not the comfiest forty winks ever, but it did stop the screaming. Which at four in the morning is all I’m really interested in.

What is helping the sleepless nights, is the sunny days. Although I am feeling slightly shattered this morning, with coffee in hand, sun on my back and Fleetwood Mac playing loud I am feeling optimistic that tonight is another night and one that will be sleep filled. Keep your  toes crossed for us. And if you have any tips for soothing screamers, shushing shriekers or hints on how to I can not only feel awake but look awake too then they would be very, very welcome!



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8 responses to “Yawn. Sigh. Yawn.

  1. No tips from me I’m afraid but I do sympathise with you. I can’t imagine how hard it is. I think it’s very easy for anyone to say they won’t do this and won’t do that when they’re having their 2nd, 3rd etc, but we are all the same. We always give in to a certain extent because we usually find ourselves getting desperate!

    Good luck for a good night’s sleep tonight.
    CJ xx

    • Thank you! I have just sprinkled copious amounts of karvol and lavender around the cot in hope of a successful nap time. Perhaps it might even help with the night?! *hopes desperately*!

  2. I feel your pain. The only thing I can offer is that it does pass… eventually.

  3. Have come up with a million different theories about why our two babies can sleep soundly one night and be all night ravers the next. The hour change hasn’t helped this week and we’ve been away which is always a recipe for a bad night’s sleep when we get back home again. Can only offer you a salute of sleep deprived solidarity!

    • I salute you back! Love the image of the babies up a-raving. My little one does love a glo-stick so I guess it’s only natural she wants to stay up all night partying!

  4. Sunny days do make a different and a bit of me time to recharge – works for me. I recognise all the shifting beds stuff – anything for a good nights sleep.
    It will get better. Looking forward to the next month and getting got know you better.

    • Thanks for your lovely comment Gemma. It’s sunny right now and we’ve had good nights for the last week. Hurrah!
      Really looking forward to getting to know you too. Feeling very inspired reading all these amazing blogs! Now just need to act on the inspiration and start more regular blogging…

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