blood, bruises and bumps

Phew, it’s been a while, and what a while it has been. Mid-February seemed to land us in yet more cub-related illness. Only poorliness of the low-level variety thank goodness, but flu, vomiting bugs and then the inevitable cold was enough to make us all feel a little bit weary. Especially as smallest cub decided to go and get all her molars in between illnesses. Sleep is still of the deprived sort, but now the worst of the germs seems to be over (touch wood please!) we are embarking on a short, sharp shock of sleep training. I’m never a fan of this. I hate to see the cubs upset. However, I am not liking the anaemic looking zombie that appears in the mirror every morning, and as my workload is slowly mounting up (hooray! I may be able to have a career after all!) I really do need to sort out the sleep thing once and for all. Famous last words. Anyways, it’s night one tonight, so we’ll see what happens. Gulp.

Not only has there been more than a fair share of illness, but big cub has been very busy on the injury front too. Last weekend saw him take a flying fall whilst pretending to be a superhero (arms trapped in a dangerous coat cape) and knock one of his front teeth wonky and cut his lips and chin pretty badly. There was lots of blood. And a large audience. Two things which I don’t cope well with at all. Luckily he managed to keep his teeth and has some gory looking scabs to impress the kids at school with. Obviously accidents come in threes, so he then proceeded to fall over the following day and take the skin off both knees. Ow. And very loud howls from big cub. Then for his hat trick he fell from the top of the stairs to the bottom. No blood this time, but quite a shaken little boy. Then as he doesn’t like to be predictable he managed to bend one of his fingernails right back whilst playing chase with some friends at school. I was promptly called in to assist with snipping off the badly behaved nail (apparently they can’t do this kind of surgery at school!) and then was sent off home whilst big cub got a ‘I was brave at school today’ sticker. No phone calls today (yet) so I am hoping that we have had all the accidents we’re going to have for a while. Keep your fingers crossed!


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