words, words, words but so much more

A lengthy pause from the blogging bug as I have been pretty much catatonic after several birthday celebrations and other evening outings. Feeling quite elderly and having to take to my bed when the littlest cub naps, although this may be more to do with my youngest refusing to sleep past half five in the goddam morning than the exciting social whirl. Yawn. In my sleepy state I have been unable (quite literally at times) to string a sentence together so thought it best to step away from the blog til my brain has recovered. It hasn’t quite, which is why this post is even more waffly than normal, but I thought I had best get back in the swing of things otherwise it will be abandoned for good. I have been seeking refuge in the normal tea and biscuits, but also in perusing the blogs I have stumbled across through http://britishmummybloggers.ning.com

Annoyed that it has taken me several billion years to catch on to the wonders of blogging. I have missed out on A LOT! There are so many interesting and funny people out there tip-tapping away on their keyboards and it has been so wonderful to discover such delights as Who’s the Mummy, Northern Mummy with Southern Children, Helloitsgemma’s Blog, this mid 30s life  mymumdom and waterbirthplease as well as lots of other ones that I have stumbled upon slightly more randomly.

Actually, I think reading so many witty, thought-provoking and, well, damn clever posts made me slightly ho-hummish about writing my own blog. There is so much good stuff out there that do I really need to add my own inane witterings to the cosmic cyberspace? Probably not, thought a dejected me.  And then I realised that actually it’s about being inspired by all the brill blogs out there and then acting on it. I have already discovered and re-discovered some great music, telly, films and books through blogs and maybe (although probably not now when I can hear the dulcet tones of small cub awaking) I can pass on my own recommendations and discoveries to some lovely fellow bloggers. So, fingers crossed, next post will be less waffling and more direct action!



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2 responses to “words, words, words but so much more

  1. Just came across this via british mummy bloggers and its fab! Keep on at it.
    I have just started my blog too so I know what it’s like!
    mummy in london


    • thanks lovely mummyinlondon! I am really quite rubbish at updating but I am definitely going to stick with it! Your blog is fab! Proper professional looking innit! Definitely relate to your post about time whizzing by – I think that’s why it’s so great to keep a blog, cos one day we’ll have time to read up on all the crazy sleep-deprived days that we lived through.

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