Rejecting the mouse

Over the weekend the lions and cubs braved the Big Bad Smoke to visit some lovely friends who we haven’t seen for far too long. One of the couples has a small tot the same age as smallest untamed cub and the other couple are the proud owners of a super two year old and a very dinky fellow who is a mere four weeks old. All very wonderful to see long lost folk and a happy time was had by all (ignoring the fierce buggy wars that raged between the toddlers). What I found slightly alarming is how these friends, despite having small kids, are still as glamorous and witty as they were all those years ago at uni. Still able to hold intellectual conversations with ease, and to look pretty damn shiney and sparkly eyed on hardly any sleep at all. It didn’t help that I was faced with a massive mirror in which to admire my newly-won wrinkles and bags. And to ponder exactly when it was that my hair became such an attractive shade of mouse. Now there is nothing wrong with a mouse, can look very cute and bouncy on the right head. However, on mine it is a different story althogether. Gone are my blonde highlights, gone are my swishy strawberry blonde strands and what I thought was quite a funky fringe is actually an overgrown hedgehog desperate to escape. My, oh my it is definitely time to make an bi-annual visit to the hairdressers. It is 2011, a week til my 34th birthday (yikes!) and yep, it is time to reject the mouse.

In other news, this is the week that I will try and make sense of all things blogging. I am still all of a flutter that I have managed to start a blog and not keeled over with the technical challenges I normally run like the wind from. But I still do not have a clue what I am doing so time to sort that out I think. Wish me luck!



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2 responses to “Rejecting the mouse

  1. This made me laugh, how is it that my Husband gets to go on monthly trips to the hairdressers and I also only get bi-annual visits???? Not fair! I’m always red faced when the stylist asks when I lost got it cut, can’t she tell by how long the split ends are?? Hope you managed to get it done and had a nice birthday! x

    • I’m glad other people get that comment from hairdressers too! It’s either ‘when did you last have it cut?’ in a disappoving tone or, ‘did you cut this fringe yourself?’ in an even more disapproving tone. Worryingly, my answer to the latter is always a shamefaced ‘yes’!

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