Why so January?

This post was going to be a rant all about why January has to be so bleak, cold, rainy, muddy and really why so January? The weekend heralded a heady mix of fog, drizzle, torrential downpour, and general greyness. At our second visit to our allotment this year (we managed to make it up there two weeks in a row – high fives all round!) I shivered in my wellies and smallest cub trailed snot around the weedy beds. At this time of year even the most lovely spot in Brighton manages to look sad and sorry for itself. And this is my birthday month! How did I manage to make an entrance into such a droopy time of year? Surely I am much more of a cheery June birthday bunny or even a sunny September bub? However, just as I had typed the title of this post the sun came out. So perhaps all is not quite as January as it seems.


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